Remaining Balance

The overal cost of our adoption is approximately $62,360. God has provided a total of $51,087 so far. We're only $11,273 away from being fully funded.

We are only $11,273 away from our fundraising goal!

For fundraising, this is the FINAL PUSH! We are so close to reaching our overall goal and being fully funded! Before we can travel to bring our boys home, we need to raise the remaining balance.

How to Support Our Adoption:


We're trusting God for His provision, but will you join us in prayer?


Help get the word out by sharing our story with friends and family on social media such as Facebook and Instagram


If you’d like to help put four orphans in a family, please consider making a tax deductible donation via our Pure Charity account. Additionally, you can send money via PayPal to, mail a check (send us an email at for our address), or send it through the Square Cash App to $ott