Custom House Rules Poster

To help our kids take ownership of their environment and understand our interdependence, we made this poster to spell out our family’s core values, delegate specific responsibilities (and schedules), and convey our expectations about the use of electronics. Several of our friends loved it so much they requested posters of their own! So, we decided to make them.

If you'd like a customized House Rules & Responsibilities poster for your own family, please use the form below. 

Measuring 24" x 36", this custom poster costs $60 with free shipping. All proceeds go toward our adoption of three brothers from Poland. 

(As a reference, the text we used on our own poster can be found at the bottom of this page.) 

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Here's the text we used on our own poster:


You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. —Mark 12:30

You shall love your neighbor as yourself. — Mark 12:31


Occurring daily in zones on a weekly rotation from Monday to Sunday, these zones are to be maintained throughout the day.

ZONE 1: Kitchen — Wash dishes, clean countertops, mop and/or vacuum floor, and take out garbage.

ZONE 2: Family Room — Remove garbage, tidy up, vacuum floor, and dust furniture.

ZONE 3: Living Room — Remove garbage, tidy up, vacuum floor, and dust furniture.

ZONE 4: Dining Room and Foyer — Clean the table, dust the buffet, sweep and/or vacuum floor, tidy up. After meals, this zone must be checked again.


Laundry is to be washed on Sunday through Friday with days alternating between Parents, Girls, and Boys. The room must be left tidy.


SUNDAY — Parents  MONDAY — Girls  TUESDAY — Boys  WEDNESDAY — Parents  THURSDAY — Girls  FRIDAY — Boys


On Mondays, the bathrooms must be cleaned. (toilets, sinks, tub, and floor). Bathrooms are to be maintained throughout the week.


Family breakfast at 8:30 am. Afterwards, bedrooms must be cleaned and zone chores are to be completed before play.


Before electronics of any kind can be used for play, schoolwork and daily chores must be completed. A parent MUST BE asked for permission prior to playing. Time MUST BE taken in one block of no more than 60 minutes, and time limits are to be strictly observed.

In this house, technology is a privilege and not a right. · Chores and schoolwork ALWAYS come first. · We value people more than technology. · Devices are not welcome at the dinner table. · There will be no technology behind closed doors. · “Turn it off” and “your time is up” is not an invitation to  negotiate.

We use devices appropriately or we lose them.