Frequently Asked Questions

Why adopt?

Adoption is a beautiful representation of God's redemptive plan. Sin made us orphans, but God made a way through His son Jesus for us to be adopted us into His family. The Bible tells us those who believe in Jesus are sons and daughters of the Most High and co-heirs with Christ. Believers are also specifically commanded to care for orphans, and adoption is something for which there will always be a need until Jesus returns to make things right.

Why is adoption so expensive?

In short, adoption is a complicated process which involves a lot of time and legal paperwork to ensure the process doesn't involve fraud and serves in the best interest of the adopted child. Prospective adoptive families must be screened, educated, and equipped for life after adoption. There are court costs, translation fees, immigration fees, passport and visa fees, in-country facilitation fees, medical evaluations, etc. Even small steps in the process can cost hundreds of dollars. International adoption also requires travel. In our case, we are adopting a sibling group of four. Additionally, we are required to travel Colombia and live there for a span of three to five weeks. For more comprehensive information, read "Why is International Adoption So Expensive?" by Dave Wood, Lifeline’s Director of International Programs.

What is your timeline for adoption?

Right now it looks like it will be late summer of 2019 before we will be able to bring the four boys home. We’ve been told to tentatively plan on traveling at the end of August or in early September. Only a few weeks away, really! It’s important to note that we’re waiting on funding, too. If you’d like to help put four orphans in a family, please consider making a tax deductible donation via our Pure Charity account.