Fundraising Update and our Newest Fundraiser

UPDATE 5/7/2019: While we’re no longer pursuing three boys from Poland, we’re still fundraising using this puzzle as we pursue the adoption of four boys from Colombia. We’ll be displaying it with the names of facing out instead of the image.

As of today, our adoption of three brothers from Poland is 66% funded! We're amazed by God's faithfulness as we've pursued these boys.

If you haven't realized this, we've been working towards our almost $60k goal since November of 2016. That means The Lord has raised ALMOST FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. He's been so good to confirm for us that we're following His will, and it is such a joy to watch His story unfold. 



We're selling puzzle pieces!

This is how it will work:

1. We found a 1,000 piece puzzle made in Poland with a photo of Morskie Oko Lake — not far from our boys' home town!

2. We're "selling" each piece for $10. You can buy 1, 2, 3, or 10! There's no limit!

3. To purchase you can send money through my paypal link:, mail a check (send us an email at for our address), donate via Pure Charity, or send it through the Square Cash App to $ott

4. Once you've purchased a puzzle piece, we'll write your name in ink on the back of one of the pieces! 

5. Once every single piece has been "sold", we'll put the puzzle together and hang it in a double-sided glass frame for our three boys so they can always look back and be reminded of who had a "piece" of bringing them home!

On the puzzle's box it reads, "We're sure that our jigsaws have the power to bond. We bond friends, families and generations..." How cool is that? I love a puzzle fundraiser because represents how our boys will be brought home one piece at a time. It will always be a reminder of how many people played a part in bringing our three sons home.

We're SO VERY thankful for the support that has already been shown and I know God has more in store for us, because He withholds no good thing!

One more way for you to be able to show your love and support — please share this post with family and friends!