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For weeks now I've been using an app that allows me to report the potholes along my daily commute. One stretch of road has gotten really bad, and I've been fastidious about reporting every single pothole in the hopes that the powers that be would notice and do something about it. Miraculously, a couple of them have been filled!

Meanwhile, our adoption process is speeding along, and we expect to be invited to travel to Poland within the next few months. But for all of the increased momentum in the process, our adoption funding needs have remained high. I've got to confess it's been stressful knowing we can't travel until that hole is filled.

At the same time, we've had several problems pop up with our house that have required attention and drained money from our own regular household budget. I could list them, but I'd rather not wallow in it. After all, God is sovereign and none of these issues were unanticipated by Him — so who am I to complain? The enemy doesn't care for adoption, a central theme of the gospel, and we have sensed his interference. 

Tonight a friend handed my wife an envelope containing a card with a very thoughtful note, and one sentence in particular stood out to me: "We know the financial journey is hard and Satan would like to derail you with potholes along the way." Potholes, indeed. Inside the card was a check.

This is just one such story among so many others.

I thank God for the many, many believers who have come alongside us in this adoption journey and have been filling the potholes that we can't and making our road to adoption that much smoother.

God bless you, brothers and sisters.