Written on His Palms


We finished our home study a few weeks ago and sent in our second agency payment (Agency Fee B) along with another payment for our I-800A application for Poland and some other fun stuff like biometric fingerprinting. 

Yesterday, we received a phone call from our adoption agency's Eurasia program director, Jana, with information about what we need to do next: our dossier. 

But then Jana told us something that we didn't anticipate so soon in the process: we had been matched with a sibling group of three boys! Alison and I gave each other an astonished look as she began to tell us all about them. The brothers are 3, 6, and 9. They're in a group home. They have amazing names (that I can't tell you yet, of course). Their person on the ground in Poland had already been to see them. "I have videos," she said, "but I want you to review the information I have on each of them and discuss it with each other first before I send those to you."

Three boys? She has videos? Our minds and hearts were racing. I had questions. 

I couldn't locate a piece of paper so I began to scribble notes on my hand: the remaining balance towards Agency Fee C, Facilitation Fee A, visa fees for three children, etc. The price tags attached to these items are steep. 

"How much time do we have?" I asked. 

"Your dossier will take a few months," came Jana's answer. 

"And then all of these fees are due?" 


After we hung up the phone, we immediately received information on each of the boys via email.  We reviewed it. We prayed about it. I emailed Jana back, "I believe we would like to see the videos."

She sent them, and there they were. Three smiling, happy, wonderfully rambunctious little boys. 

See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands.
— Isaiah 49:16 (NLV)

We prayed some more, and we talked about how things had fallen into place. The timing. The uncanny synchrony of things. We agreed that we could see God's hand in it. And then Alison looked down at my own hand covered in scrawled notes. "You know, our Father has our names written on his palms. And Jesus still has the scars on his palms to show how much it cost to adopt us." We prayed some more. And then we decided together what we should do.

Today we said yes. 

Now we're pressing forward with more fundraising with an even tighter deadline. Our current goal to cover this next round of fees works out to $10,363, and we're trusting the Lord to provide!