Baby Steps: An Adoption Update

Baby Steps, not Giant Steps

Baby Steps, not Giant Steps

If there's one thing I've learned from this adoption process so far is that it's a collection of steps to get us to an end. Baby steps, not giant steps. It's a slow jog, not a sprint. It takes time.

We had a little bit of time off from everything adoption related over the holidays and enjoyed spending that time with the kids. Now, though, things are beginning to move forward again so I thought I'd give an update on where we are.

Ron and I spent 45 minutes on the phone last week for our Orientation Call with both our Lifeline social worker and the head of the Eurasia program. We answered loads of questions and received information on what the next months will entail and what the process is like in Poland. 

The next step on our journey is the home study, which is both a process and a report. The home study process is a series of interviews and supporting documentation. It generally takes between two and four months to complete. Our social worker will write up a summary of all the info at the end and that will go into our file to be sent to Poland (along with other documents). Our first home study interview will be Monday, January 23rd at our house. 

We are all super excited and nervous about starting the home study. On one hand it's a big step towards finally being in Poland and meeting the newest Ottlings, but on the other, it's a lot of work, interviews, and appointments that we aren't used to. Up until now we've been a pretty low-key, quiet family who led a fairly simple life. God is definitely stretching and growing us and while it may feel a bit uncomfortable at times, it's also going to be a huge time of growth.

This past weekend at church the pastor asked the congregation how we'd feel if God asked us to do something huge and uncomfortable even if we wouldn't see immediate results. He said that sometimes, as in the case of Abraham, God calls us out of the familiar and into the unknown and that we may not get to see what His end plan is for ourselves. "What if it's not about you?" he asked. It may be that He only uses us as the catalyst to bless future generations. I know that God is already using this step of faith in my own life, but I also can't help but wonder what it means for the future generations of Ottlings.

As we walk through this faith adventure, our children will be able to see that the only way this worked is by relying on God's provision. It wasn't about what we did, but what HE did. Luke 1:37 says "For with God nothing will be impossible." Nothing. No thing is impossible when the creator of the universe calls you to do something for Him. Miracles happen when we let go of the tight grip we have on our life and open up our hands to let Almighty God use us in any way He sees fit. If God can use two regular people like an artist and a stay-at-home mom, He can use anyone.

God has provided the funds for the first two agency fees, but we are still fundraising towards our overall goal. Sadly, adoption is an expensive process and we won't know a more exact total until we find out how many children God wants us to welcome into our home. But God is good and I look forward to sharing how He has provided each step of the way! 



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