Adoption Update

Ron and I were officially welcomed into the Lifeline Children's Services Poland program this afternoon, which means the newest Ottlings will be coming from the beautiful country of Poland! We are super excited to be working with Lifeline, and so far everyone we've met and talked to there has been extremely helpful and encouraging. 


The entire process will take up to 18 months, and here is a loose timeline for how things will go: 

Now that we've applied and have been accepted into the Poland program, we have two weeks to raise the remaining $3,000 of our first agency fee so we can then begin our home study. The home study will take between two and four months to complete. The home study includes a lot of paperwork, doctor appointments for everyone, background checks, education and training, interviews with our social worker, etc. After the home study, Lifeline will prepare our dossier (a collection of documents constituting the official application to adopt) which will be sent to the central authority in Poland. We can either choose to pursue a sibling group from the waiting child list or wait for a referral. Once we agree to pursue a specific sibling group we will travel to Poland. There is a required 6-8 week stay in Poland before bringing our children home.   

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith
— Matthew 21:22

How You Can Help

Our first agency fee is due in two weeks, either on or before December 15. We still need $3,000 to meet our first goal. While this may seem like a lot of money (and it is for us) it's not too much for God. Ron and I love reading about George Müller and his incredible faith in God to provide all of his needs. Müller took care of thousands of orphans without ever asking for anything from anyone except God. We know that God can provide the money necessary to bring these kids home, and we are trusting in His promise. Matthew 21:22 says "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith." He has called us to this great adventure, and He will provide in His way and His time. This doesn't mean that we are planning to sit back and do nothing. We're doing what we can to make awesome things for people to purchase (for themselves or for gifts) and 100% of the proceeds go into our adoption fund. You can participate in bringing the Ottlings home by buying a sign from our shop or by simply giving a donation. We'll be having many other fundraisers between now and the end of our adventure in which you can participate as well. We'd certainly love it if you'd pray for us about this journey, too!