The Purple Book

There is always something going on in our house. 

Parenting four children under the age of 12 leaves no room for boredom or quiet. Our oldest daughter Z. is 11, our son E. is 8, our daughter L. is 6, and our son S. is 4.

Something amazing or just plain hilarious happens almost every day. When telling family and friends these little stories, they would all say the same thing, "you should write a book!" 

The Purple Book cover bears the words  "We do not remember days, we remember moments."

The Purple Book cover bears the words "We do not remember days, we remember moments."

While we currently don't have the time necessary to write a book, we realized we do have time to make note of the things that they say or do that makes us smile. "These are the Good Old Days," after all. So, I picked up a little blank book to collect these moments which we we've come to affectionately call "The Purple Book." It's just a small journal that we keep on a shelf in the kitchen and pull down every time something happens that we want to be sure to remember. In it, we write all of the funny or serious things our kids say and do. We've only been doing this for three years, but I really wish we had started it back when our oldest was small. 

The kids love to pull it out and read all of the entries and laugh hysterically. Ron and I even sit and read through it on days when we really need a laugh.

So many of the stories are absolutely over the top. For example, there's the time we discovered that our animal-loving oldest daughter Z., having gotten her very own kitten as a Christmas gift, had been brushing its teeth with Ron's toothbrush. For weeks. You should have seen the look on his face! To his credit, he calmly explained that cat teeth are not typically cared for with human toothbrushes and toothpaste. And especially not his. And then he immediately went to the drug store and bought a new one.

And then there was the time our oldest son E. inexplicably declared that thunder and lightning were the "God symbols." What does it mean? Who knows? But it's totally something E. would say.

One of my favorites is when our otherwise very girly youngest daughter L. got mad at her big brother E. and shouted in a very gruff and intimidating voice "I am a lady!" and then proceeded to smack him forcefully against the head.

We also write down important dates to remember like when Ron had the privilege of baptizing our two oldest this past summer, or when they ran their first 5k with me, or even trips to the emergency room to have stitches. Again. 

I'm sure as the years march on we will continue to fill up The Purple Book with all kinds of memories so that one day, when the kids are grown, we can look back and laugh at what life was like with a house full of babes. 

I'm so very glad that our friends and family told us to write a book.