These are the Good Old Days

Date night selfie!

Date night selfie!

Hi, we're Ron and Alison – a husband and wife that love to make things together (as evidenced by our four fantastic kids). We have a passion for old stuff, and enjoy breathing new life into otherwise neglected things by crafting new and sometimes unexpected things from them. We've created this site to document and share with you what we're up to.

Our name, Happy Turtle Life, comes from something that our youngest daughter said when she was a year old. We were teaching her John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life," when she mistook the last three words as "happy turtle life." Thankfully, we had the camera rolling as hilarity ensued.

That was six years ago, but the idea of using that phrase as a blog name stuck with us all that time – during which, our children were growing and life was becoming packed with distractions. So many older people would tell us that we would miss these days when the children are grown and gone, and that we should slow down and maintain a sense of appreciation. "These are the good old days," they would say. 

Our first sign.

This idea resonated with us, and we recognized the need to enjoy this season we have with our children without wishing away the time. As a result, we made some purposeful changes in our life for the better. So, several months ago when Alison asked me to design an old-style wooden sign bearing that phrase, I jumped at the chance.

I'm a hands-on creative type, so I whipped up a design and a process, and we worked together to realize it. It was so much fun that when friends (and friends of friends) asked us for signs of their own, we both voiced an enthusiastic "sure!" 

Since last September, we've made quite a few wooden signs and taken on a number of other projects, too. 

These truly are the good old days! We hope that you'll join us on our journey.

Sincerely, Ron


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