Our Homeschool

I attended a private Christian school in our small town as a child. After my fifth grade year my mom pulled me and my younger brother and sister out of school to begin teaching us at home.

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A Heart For the Fatherless

God laid the prospect of adoption on our hearts over a year ago. This was so unexpected that we immediately began praying for direction and sought Biblical counsel from our pastor. He advised us to continue praying about it and to be still and wait on the Lord. "They're not puppies," he said. "These are children. You can't give them back."

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Fundraising for Adoption!

We announced yesterday our intent to pursue adoption. After praying about it and talking about it and seeking counsel about it for a year, we're excited! And perhaps more than a little bit scared. How is this going to work? We can't say for sure because we've never done this before. We do know that it's very expensive, and fundraising is going to be necessary.

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